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Traffic and Parking


(2)    No person without a permit shall operate or cause a vehicle to be operated on any Class B highway within the Town, any vehicle or combination of vehicles unless the vehicle or combination of vehicles comply with the weight limitation as set forth in Chapter 348.15 and 348.16, Wis. Stats., as amended, (k)    Exceptions.

(1)    No person shall operate, whether operating under a permit or otherwise, shall operate a vehicle in violation of any special weight limitations imposed by the Town Board on particular highways, highway structures, or portions of highways, if signs have been erected as required by Chapter 349.16(2), Wis. Stats., as amended, except when the vehicle is being operated under a permit expressly authorizing such weight limitations to be exceeded.

(2)    Whenever the operator of a vehicle is ordered by the officer or agency in charge of maintenance or by a traffic officer to suspend operation of such vehicle because of the damage such vehicle is causing or is likely to cause to the highway or the public investment herein, he/she shall forthwith comply with said order.

(3)    Certain vehicles may operate in excess of the gross limitations above specified if said operation is in full compliance with Chapter 348.175 and 348.18, Wis. Stats., (which are hereby incorporated herein by reference.)

(1)     Weight Indication. No person shall operate upon any Town road any motor truck, truck tractor, road tractor or motor bus, or a trailer or semitrailer used in connection therewith, unless there is attached to or lettered upon the left side thereof a sign giving its empty weight. A sign in conformity with any regulation or alternate rule which has been designated by the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles would be deemed to be in conformity with this Section.

(m)   Forfeitures. If convicted, violations of this Section shall be subjected to the same forfeitures as set forth in the corresponding sections of Chapter 348 and/or 349, Wis. Stats. Each day of violation shall be deemed to be a separate and distinct violation, and if an owner or operator operates more than own truck on Town roads in violation in each occurrence shall be a separate and distinct violation.

(n)    Compliance With State Statutes. Nothing in this Section shall be construed, or is intended to be contrary to, or inconsistent with, Chapter 341 to 348, Wis. Stats., and any provision of this Section which may appear in conflict with said statutes, and which is not expressly authorized by Section 349.06 to 349.25, Wis. Stats., shall be, and hereby is modified and interpreted to conform to said statutes and the authority permitted therein for creation of this Section and each section thereof, and authorizing penalties for violation hereof.

(o)    Permits. Applications for permits shall be made through the Town Clerk and the designated local official, now being the Town Chairperson, countersign, and all permits may be signed by the Town Chairperson or his designee and certified by the Town Clerk. Permits shall be generally subject to the provisions set forth for issuance of such permits as set forth in Chapter 348.25, Wis. Stats.

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