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Article C:__Parking Regulations

Sec. 10-1-20   Restrictions on Parking; Posted Limitations.

(a)    Forty-eight (48) Hour Limitation. No person, firm or corporation shall park or leave standing any automobile, truck, tractor, trailer or vehicle of any description on any public streets or public parking lots in the Town of Taycheedah for a period of forty-eight (48) or more consecutive hours in the same location at any time, except that where more restrictive parking limits have been established, the more restrictive limits shall apply. When any law enforcement officer shall find a vehicle standing upon a public street or parking lot in violation of the provisions of this Section, he is authorized to move such a vehicle or to require the operator in charge thereof to move such vehicle to a position permitted under this Chapter. The law enforcement officer may cause said vehicle to be removed to a proper impoundment and storage area where storage space is available and in such case the owner shall pay the costs of removing said vehicle and the storage fees on said vehicle before he/she may recover the possession thereof.

(b)    Posted Limitations.

(1)    The Town Board may designate certain streets or portions of streets as no parking or no stopping or standing zones or as zones for parking by physically handicapped persons and may limit the hours in which the restrictions apply. The Town shall mark, by appropriate signs, each zone so designated in accordance with the provisions of Sec. 349.13, Wis. Stats.

(2)    Except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the directions of a law enforcement officer or traffic control device, no person shall stop or park a vehicle in an established no stopping or standing zone when stopping or standing is prohibited. No vehicle shall be parked in a no parking zone during hours when parking is prohibited except physicians on emergency calls or as permitted by state law or elsewhere by this Code of Ordinances.

(3)    The Town Board shall have the authority to restrict the turning or movement of heavy traffic and to impose special weight limitations on any highway or portions thereof which, because of the weakness of the roadbed due to deterioration or climatic conditions or other special or temporary conditions, would likely be seriously damaged or destroyed in the absence of any restrictions on heavy traffic movement or special weight limitations.

(4)    No prohibition, restriction or limitation on parking or restriction on movement or turning of heavy traffic and imposition of special weight limits is effective unless official traffic control devices have been placed or erected indicating the particular prohibition, restriction or limitation.

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