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Article A:       General Provisions

Sec. 10-1-1     State Traffic Laws Adopted.

(a)    Statutes Adopted. Except as otherwise specifically provided in this Code, the statutory provisions in Chapters 110, 194, and 340 through 349 of the Wisconsin Statutes, describing and defining regulations with respect to vehicles and traffic, for which the penalty is a forfeiture only, exclusive of any regulations for which the statutory penalty is a fine or term of imprisonment or exclusively state charges, are hereby adopted and by reference made a part of this Chapter as if fully set forth herein. The statutory sections listed shall be designated as part of this Code by adding the prefix "10-1-" to each statute section number. Any act required to be performed or prohibited by any regulation incorporated herein by reference is required or prohibited by this Chapter. Any future amendments, revisions or modifications of the statutory regulations in Chapters 340 through 349 incorporated herein are intended to be made part of this Chapter in order to secure to the extent legally practicable uniform statewide regulation of vehicle traffic on the highways, streets and alleys of the State of Wisconsin. Any person who shall, within the Town of Taycheedah, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, violate any provisions of any Statute incorporated herein by reference shall be deemed guilty of an offense under this Section.

(b)    Other State Laws Adopted. There are also hereby adopted by reference the following sections of the Wisconsin Statutes, but the prosecution of such offenses under this Chapter shall be as provided in Chapters 340 through 349 of the Wisconsin Statutes and the penalty for violation thereof shall be limited to a forfeiture as hereinafter provided in this Chapter:

941.01Negligent Operation of Vehicle Off Highway

941.03Highway Obstruction

943.11Entry into Locked Vehicle

943.23Operating Motor Vehicles Without Owners Consent

947.045Drinking in Motor Vehicle on Highway

(c)    Statutes Specifically Incorporated by Reference. Whenever this Chapter incorporates by reference specific sections of the Wisconsin Statutes, such references shall mean the Wisconsin Statutes of 1995-96 as from time to time amended, repealed or modified by the Wisconsin Legislature.

(d)    General References. General references in this Chapter to Wisconsin statutory sections or chapters describing or defining procedures or authority for enactment or enforcement of local traffic regulations shall be deemed to refer to the most recent enactments of the Wisconsin Legislature describing or defining such procedures or authorities.

Sec. 10-1-2    State Administrative Code Provisions Adopted.

(a)    Administrative Regulations Adopted. The following administrative rules and regulations adopted by the Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and published in the Wisconsin Administrative Code, exclusive of any provisions therein relating to the

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