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Traffic and Parking


penalties to be imposed, are hereby adopted by reference and made part of this Chapter as if fully set forth herein.

Wis. Adm. Code - MVD 5       Standards for Motor Vehicle Equipment Wis. Adm. Code - MVD 6       Transportation of Explosives by Motor Vehicle Wis. Adm. Code - MVD 12     Leasing of Vehicles by Private Carriers Wis. Adm. Code - MVD 18     Protective Headgear Standards and Specifications Wis. Adm. Code - MVD 22     Standards and Specifications - Design and Mounting SMV


(b)    Non-Compliance Prohibited. No person shall operate or allow to be operated on any highway, street or alley within the Town of Taycheedah a vehicle that is not in conformity with the requirements of Subsection (a) or the provisions of Sec. 110.075 and Chapter 347, Wis. Stats., incorporated by reference in Section 10-1-1 of this Chapter.

(c)    Safety Checks.

(1)    Operators to Submit to Inspection. When directed to do so by any law enforcement officer, the operator of any motor vehicle shall stop and submit such vehicle to an inspection and such tests as are necessary to determine whether the vehicle meets the requirements of this Section or that the vehicle's equipment is in proper adjustment or repair. No person, when operating a motor vehicle, shall fail to stop and submit such vehicle to inspection when directed to do so by any law enforcement officer as herein provided.

(2)    Authority of Officer. Any law enforcement officer is hereby empowered whenever he or she shall have reason to believe that any provision of this Section is being violated to order the operator of the vehicle to stop and to submit such vehicle to an inspection with respect to brakes, lights, turn signals, steering, horns and warning devices, glass, mirrors, exhaust systems, windshield wipers, tires and other items of equipment.

(3)    Vehicle to be Removed From Highway. Whenever, after inspection as provided by this Section, a law enforcement officer determines that a vehicle is unsafe for operation, he or she may order it removed from the highway and not operated, except for purposes of removal and repair until the vehicle has been repaired as directed in a repair order. Repair orders may be in the form prescribed by the secretary of the Department of Transportation under Sec. 110.075(5), Wis. Stats., and shall require the vehicle owner or operator to cause the repairs to be made and return evidence of compliance with the repair order to the department of the issuing officer within the time specified in the order.

(d)    Penalty.

(1)    Penalty for violation of any provision of this Section, including the provisions of the Wisconsin Administrative Code, incorporated herein by reference, shall be as provided

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