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Article B:       Street Traffic Regulations

Sec. 10-1-10   Operators to Obey Traffic Control Devices.

Every operator of a vehicle approaching an intersection at which an Official Traffic Control Device is erected in accordance with this Chapter shall obey the direction of such Official Traffic Control Device as required by the Wisconsin Statutes incorporated by reference in Section 10-1-1 of this Chapter. Operators of vehicles approaching a stop sign shall stop before entering a highway as required by Sec. 346.46, Wis. Stats. Operators approaching intersections at which a yield sign has been installed shall yield the right-of-way to other vehicles as required by Sec. 346.18(6), Wis. Stats.

Sec. 10-1-11   Vehicle Weight and Size Limitations.

(a)    Designation — Roads and Highways. All roads and highways maintained by the Town of Taycheedah, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, are hereby designated as Class "B" highways for the purpose of putting into effect the weight limitations and other authorized controls set forth in Chapter 348, Wis. Stats.

(b)    Vehicles — Size, Weight and Load.

(1)    The Town of Taycheedah hereby adopts the descriptions and phrases set forth in Chapter 348.01, Wis. Stats., as amended.

(2)    The provisions of this Section restricting the size and weight of vehicles apply to the vehicles and any load which it is carrying, except as otherwise provided herein, and also vehicles owned or operated by or for a governmental agency, subject to exceptions set forth elsewhere herein.

(3)    The owner of a vehicle who causes or permits such vehicle to be operated on a highway within the Town in violation of this Section is guilty of the violations the same as if he actually operated the vehicle himself/herself.

(4)    Limitations on size, weight or load imposed by this Section do not apply to road machinery actually engaged in construction, repair, or maintenance of a highway within the limits of the project.

(5)    The limitations on weight, length and number of vehicles and combination imposed by this Section shall not apply to a combination of vehicles in an emergency towing operation in which the towing vehicle is being used to remove a stalled or disabled vehicle or combination of vehicles from the highway to the nearest adequate place for repairs, or in which the towing vehicle is an emergency truck tractor temporarily substituted for a stalled or disabled truck tractor, provided that the limitation and the number of vehicles in combination imposed by this Section may be exceeded only if the vehicles comprising the towed combination of vehicles cannot reasonably be

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