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Are you a candidate for Weight Loss Surgery, or Bariatric Surgery? - page 3 / 5





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  • Stricture( Narrowing at site where tissue is sewn or stapled together)

  • Gallstones

  • Depression

  • Excess skin

  • Weight loss failure or weight regain

Before Surgery

You and the bariatric surgical team in conjunction with Cayuga Center for Healthy Living (CCHL) will work on preparing your body for surgery. These preparations will include:

Exercise: It is just as important before surgery as it is after. You want your body to be in good physical condition so that your surgery goes as smoothly as possible.


  • You may be asked to lose weight before surgery (always a good idea). The purpose of this is to decrease to size of your liver and make your surgery easier and safer to perform.

  • Some insurance companies require pre-operative weight loss.

  • Anyone with a BMI of 50 or above should be prepared to lose weight before surgery due to the risks involved in operating on a patient this size.

  • Your surgery will not be scheduled until you meet your weight loss goal set by the surgeon.

  • Everyone will be referred to the nutritionist at the Cayuga Center for Healthy Living (CCHL) before surgery for a two-week liquid diet.

Smoking If you are a smoker you will need to quit. Your surgery will not be scheduled until you have.

One month before surgery: If you are taking oral contraceptives you must stop taking them due to an increased risk for blood clots in the legs.

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