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Need & Performance

Each ooring assembly performs dierently. Add or subtract a component like wallboard, change a structural element from a 2” x10” joist to an open web, add a resilient channel, & the sound performance will change, sometimes drastically. Assemblies are tested for their ability to control sound & are rated with a number, STC for airborne sound, & IIC for structural sound. The higher the number, the better job the assembly does controlling sound. Generally, the mass of the system is a direct indication of how the system will perform. Add mass & improve airborne sound control, with vibration noise isolation is essential with mass playing a lesser role.

What does this mean for your project? It means that the design should incorporate an isolation layer between two heavier elements, like a joist system with a ceiling & a dense topping, like gypsum. Quiet Qurltm creates a sound break or “spring” between two heavier materials. The concept is to oat a nished oor over the suboor, allowing the “spring” of Quiet Qurltm to attenuate (absorb) sound. This MASS/SPRING/MASS construction dramatically lessens the structural sound neighbors hear & is an essential element when installing hard surfaces like wood, tile, vinyl & stone.

Change in IIC Level Quiet Qurltm vs. Competitor

Competitive Thin Sheet Mats

Quiet Qurl 60-040 over Concrete

Competitive Filament Mat over Concrete

Quiet Qurl 55-025 over Wood

Competitive Filament Mat over Wood

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Quiet Qurltm Moisture Control

  • Liquid moisture closed fabric top on QUIET QURL that prevents water from passing through to the joist space.

  • First true innovation in tangled lament products in 30 years.

  • Available in all three QUIET QURL Products, 55/025 MC, 60/040 MC and 65/075 MC.

  • Moisture Vapor open to allow for proper breathing and to prevent trapped water.

  • Eliminates the “moisture of convenience” in underlayment pour and when used with specic underlayments it lowers the water demand by 30% or 7 gallons in 33 square feet!!

Perimeter Isolation with QUIK STIK

  • Prevents anking and lls the void to stop airborne and impact noise.

  • Hi-Tack back with no need for release paper provides a simple seam between the wall and oor.

  • Allows for taping at and means no mechanical fasteners are required on the job site.

  • 4.0” (10 cm) width that is installed after the Quiet Qurltm sound mat and overlapped in an “L” shape for

added safety in preventing underlayment leaks.

Reinforcement with RWT 040

  • Allows for thinner underlayment pours

  • Thin prole means that even in 0.75” (18 mm) applications, no laments will show through to the surface.

  • The monolament design means that micro cracks will stay in place and provide added uniformity to the underlayment.

  • Perfect solution in lieu of a crack isolation mat to control reective cracking in ceramic tile applications or vinyl installations.

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