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The following is a summary of the September 28, 2006 Refugee/Asylee product line conference call hosted by the Nebraska Service Center.


Mailroom/data entry


I-485 clerical (?) problems: One CBO has noted continual problems over the past 6

months with failure to receive Notices of Action (when G-28s are submitted), clients not

receiving fingerprint/biometrics appointment letters, etc. If there are continual problems with the contractor who provides these services (such as roll-back problems that seem to still occur and clerical problems mentioned above), what is the NSC doing to ensure these problems are not repeated? (An example of one of the “latest” problems is a case where one CBO’s client received an I-485 rejection “form” letter indicating that the correct fee of $225 was not received and the incorrect money order was being returned, along with the entire application. However, the money order – which WAS in the correct amount of $225 – was NOT returned, and has not

been cashed, indicating that the NSC clerk lost the money order.) Please describe the clerical process used by the NSC contractor to process fees, etc.

Answer: Please note that fees are determined in large part by the computer system by form type and age of the applicant. If, for example, a child is only 13 filing an I-485 with a single check for both fingerprints and the I-485 application, the package must be rejected because the system will not allow the fingerprint fee. Should you feel that a rejection is made in error, please resubmit with a cover sheet in large type “rejected in error, please see supervisor.”


If an attorney prepares a response to a RFE for an application that s/he initially did not

prepare and submits a G-28 for the first time with the RFE response, will the G-28 be inputted into the CIS system? Or, will a G-28 only be inputted if it is sent to the specified post office box

for G-28 submissions?

Answer: If a G-28 and receipt number are sent to the G-28 post office box (PO BOX 87172, Lincoln NE 68501-7172), the G-28 for the case should be updated. If submitted with an RFE, the RFE and G-28 go directly to the file then on to the examiner. In this instance the G-28 sometimes misses updating.

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