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If a refugee does not understand/know that s/he was admitted to the U.S. with medical

grounds of inadmissibility, and files the I-485 without the I-693 and I-693 supplemental, will

they later receive an RFE (before a denial) asking them to file the I-693 and supplemental?

Answer: Yes. The applicant will be requested to submit evidence that he/she has received follow-up treatment for a medical condition that may be grounds of inadmissibility.


There used to be a form that was submitted with the refugee I-485s that was completed

by hand and it contained information about the refugee's initial I-94, first address, current address, and names of parents. The instructions on the form indicate that it's for refugees only in order to facilitate locating their file. Does this form still need to be submitted with refugee I- 485s? If so, is there an updated form, the most recent one I've seen still says "Immigration and

Naturalization Service" at the top.

Answer: We are unable to speculate as to what form you’re referring to. If this form is not listed on the instructions regarding the filing of an I-485 Refugee application, do not submit.



In the context of an asylee following to join, should a misrepresentation concerning

parentage by a derivative spouse, non-biological step-parent to the petitioner's children, be

attributed by the consulate as a bar to admission under both 212(a)(6)(c)(i) for fraud, and

212(a)(6)(E) for smuggling. There is a waiver for the former, not the latter, and the smuggling

ground appears inappropriate and contrary to reuniting families that have been persecuted. The petitioner was reunited with 3 other children but not the spouse and the child subject of the "smuggling" ground.

Answer: In reviewing the follow to join regulations under Section 207, it does not appear that the beneficiary is subject under the above inadmissibility cites. NSC has not seen any consular returns based on the above inadmissibility issues.


What procedure should be followed, where a consulate returns an I-730 to NSC for

revocation, the NSC re-approves it and forwards it back to the Post, to confirm that the Post

has received the re-approved file and will schedule visa applicant for another interview. Post in

Addis indicates they have not received any re-approved file.

Answer: All reaffirmations are returned to post via NVC. In the event NVC indicates that post has not received a consular return, we would notify the petitioner to submit a duplicate to NSC to be returned to post for processing.

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