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Ex #1: If an applicant is within one day of turning 14, suggest waiting an additional day to send the application to NSC and include the $70 biometric fees. The computer will accept the correct fees based on the applicant’s age at the time of receipting.

Ex #2: Do not submit biometric fee in this case because the application will be entered in the computer system while the applicant is 13 and the computer will not allow receipt of the biometric fees. If the application is adjudicated after the child turns 14, the applicant will receive notification to submit the $70 biometric fee when appearing at the ASC for biometric capturing.


Is there an upper age limit for the biometrics fee for asylee/refugee adjustment

applicants? The USCIS website states that for asylee/refugee adjustment applicants all

individuals 14 and over must include the biometrics fee. The instructions on the actual I-485

form state that the biometrics fee is only for individuals aged 14-79. Please confirm that asylee/refugee adjustment applicants who are over 79 are not required to include the biometrics fee.

Answer: A biometric fee is required for applicants age 14 through age 79. If an applicant is 13 years of age or younger or 80 years of age or older, no biometric fee is required.


Please confirm that only asylee/refugee I-485 applicants between 14 and 79 need to

submit the G-325A. The information on the website regarding this matter is confusing.

Answer: Asylee/Refugee I-485 applicants between 14 and 79 are required to submit the G- 325A per the general filing requirements for all I-485 applications.


I-485 FBI Name Check issues: This issue was mentioned in the 5/25/06 teleconference.

Please provide an update on the number of I-485 cases being delayed due to FBI Name Checks that have not been completed. One CBO has a number of Afghani and Iraqi male clients whose I-485s have been delayed for more than 2 years due to non-completion of the FBI Name Checks, and the CBO is also seeing more and more I-485 cases delayed for the same reason for

these same groups of clients (Afghani and Iraqi males).

Answer: This question should be directed to Headquarters.


For many applications the applicants no longer have to submit passport style photos

since their digital photos are taken during the biometrics appointment. Do refugees and asylees still need to submit photos with their I-485s?

Answer: Photos do not need to be submitted by refugee or asylee applicants if their digital photos were taken during their biometrics appointment.


Please provide an update on the I-485 cases that have been held in abeyance due to

material support” issues. (Discussed at #16, 5/25/06 NSC teleconference.) How can a CBO or

applicant find out whether the delay in an I-485 case is due to this issue?

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