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Answer: Contact with NSC CCS will allow an applicant to find out if there is a delay in their I- 485 case due to security issues.

485 Asylee


Thank you for all the updated information on the USCIS website concerning processing

times for asylee adjustment. Can you provide any update or changes on asylee adjustment processing including the processing times.

Answer: The USCIS website provides the most current information on asylee adjustment processing.


If an I-485 based on asylum status is denied because of failure to obtain fingerprints

and the client had a proper address and did not receive the fingerprint notice, what is the policy and procedures for requesting that the case be reopened.

Answer: The applicant may file a motion to reopen and submit an explanation and evidence to support the request.


AILA members report that when the NSC transfers an asylee adjustment to another

office for processing, it notifies the client, but not the attorney. This causes problems because many asylees hire attorneys to have a back-up for their mail, because they move frequently or

live in areas where the mail is stolen, etc. Since the NSC sends copies of all other correspondence to the attorneys, is there also a way to ensure that this correspondence of transfer is also sent to the attorneys?

Answer: We are not aware of a systemic problem with transfer notices not printing for attorneys. We will investigate our computer process to determine how this problem occurred. This is the first indication we’ve received of a problem in this area and we thank you for the question.


What does it mean when an asylee adjustment case is transferred from NSC to the

Texas Service Center? Which priority date is the relevant date - the one issued by NSC or the one issued subsequently by TSC? Example: a case for an applicant that resides in California,

and was originally with the NSC is transferred to the Texas Service Center. The NSC had passed the applicant's priority date for processing, but the new date issued by TSC is backlogged by at least 2 years.

Answer: As part of the bi-specialization effort, I-485 asylee adjustment cases were transferred from NSC to the Texas Service Center. The relevant priority date is the one issued by NSC. Please note that with the elimination of the visa availability requirement for an asylee, the priority date is no longer critical to the date of the applicant’s adjustment. The asylee’s adjustment date will be set at one year prior to the date of adjustment approval.


When an I-485 case is sent to a CIS Asylum office for processing of a nunc pro tunc

interview and the I-589 is then approved, what steps (if any) does NSC take to ensure that the file is returned to the NSC by the Asylum Unit so that NSC can then resolve the I-485 case? Is it entirely the responsibility of the Asylum Unit to ensure responsibility of the file? Does NSC

and/or the Asylum Unit utilize a tickler system that ensures the file is sent back to NSC instead of (incorrectly) to the NRC?

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