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1. Cleanse Previous Hair Treatments with Absolution



Absolution Professional Clarifying Shampoo by Zerran Hair Care is a 100 percent vegan clarifying shampoo designed to cleanse previous hair treatments in preparation for new chemical service. Formulated with natural chelators from citrus fruit, reactive metal ions like copper and iron, silicones, oils, styling polymers, residues from medication, salts and cosmetic contaminants are easily removed from hair. Absolution prepares the hair to receive the artistry and application of color, perms, straightening solutions and other professional hair services.


Absolution contains botanical components such as essential oils of lavender and lemongrass for a natu- ral scent with no synthetic fragrance. Natural extracts of ginkgo, chamomile, orange, althea, licorice, aloe, fennel and yarrow serve to soothe and condition while natural soy protein and vitamin B add moisture to hair and scalp.

Based on intensive scientific research and centuries-old botanical tradition, Zerran Intl. has formulated and delivered 100% vegan shampoos, conditioners and styling products utilizing renewable botanical ex- tracts and essential oils since 1986. For information call 1-800-626-1921 or visit www.zerranhaircare.com.

2. Breakthrough Technology of Hair Keratin Complexing


Now clients can have that sleek, smooth, stylish look no matter what their hair type. All-Nutrient Keratin+ Treatment’s new technology of hair keratin complexing will allow stylists to perform an upscale in-salon straightening service in a way that will not only save time but money too.

All-Nutrient Keratin+ Treatment, a Cuticor Cellular MicropHusion System, not only lasts, but over time will actually heal damaged porous hair, restoring perfect health. Reverse the harmful effects of sun, beach, pools, chemical damage, hot styling tools and more in a gentle keratin process made with certified organics and renewable rainforest resources.


All-Nutrient Keratin+ Treatment combined with their extensive educational training program will lead professionals to a new generation of style based creativity. The beauty industry is being transformed through the new technology and science of All-Nutrient...naturally.

In Texas call 1-888-460-3031, visit www.MyLanBeauty.com or visit www.sukesha.com for information.

3. Restore Hair Naturally, with ExoBalance

Introducing a new concept in hair regrowth and thickening technology, ExoBalance Hair Regrowth Solution is an all natural product that is safe for both men and women. Developed after years of research, it’s the first product to treat the underlying cause of all hair loss – an imbalance of the scalp from a lack of circulation, flora, nutrients and moisture caused by environmental, chemical and hormonal attack.

The unique solution of ExoBalance helps to stop hair loss and create vital new growth without side effects. Formulated with ingredients found only in nature, ExoBalance contains no drugs, steroids or FDA- regulated chemicals. It is paraben and sulfate free and has been Dermatologist tested and is patent pending.

For more information go to www.exobalance.com or call 724-384-8905.

4. Non-Toxic Professional Hair Color Line for Stylists

EcoColors Hair Color is a permanent non toxic professional hair color system for hair stylists. Ecocolors professional hair color is different from all other hair colors for many reasons; the emollient soy base and the essential oils of flax and castor oil make this shine enhancing base stand out from the rest.

The super conditioning, long-lasting color has been used for over 10 years on individuals who have been allergic to other brands. These allergies range from itchy scalp to hair loss. EcoColors Haircolor also contains flower essences and natural preservatives.

EcoColors is constantly developing the best quality hair care products and cosmetics for everyone, including pregnant women, chemically sensitive persons and cancer survivors. For more information call 1-877-852-4515 or www.ecocolors.net.

. A T U R A L ( A I R 3 T R A I G H T E N I N G 3 Y S T E M : E R R A N 2 E F O R M

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5. Spray Ideal for Color Correction and Recoloration

Every brand has its go-to products, and Affinage is no exception. Designed to be used with any brand haircolor, Quick Pig is a must-have for salons as it works effectively to correct color or revive color that has faded. Available in red, orange and yellow, the spray is designed to be used with foils for efficient recol- oration without the mess. Formulated with a porosity equalizer, Quick Pig primes strands for even color distribution from any color brand.

“Quick Pig makes the filling process faster, which makes color go further and last longer,” explained Michael Elving, national artistic education manager for Affinage. “Color absorbs more evenly because the product replaces missing pigment from the hair.”

Affinage Infiniti permanent haircolor features D.A.T.E.M. technology and has been followed into the marketplace by tone-on-tone colour, fashion colors, permanent waves, specialized highlighting systems, bleaching powder as well as shampoo, conditioner and styling products manufactured for the professional beauty industry. For more information, call 1-877-597-2929 or visit www.affinage.com.

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