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5.2.6 Mr Sergey Klimov, Acting Chief, Center of Hydrometeorological Service of Uzbekistan (Uzhydromet), , gave a brief introduction to Uzbekistan, hydrometeorological threats to the country and the status of application for remote sensing data by Uzhydromet. Issues related to the planning of data application in the future were also briefly discussed.

Viet Nam

5.2.7 Mr Do Thanh Tuan, Engineer of Meteorology, Central Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting Center, National Hydro-Meteorological Service (NHMS) of Viet Nam, delivered a presentation mainly focusing on the use of satellite data. His presentation covered: (a) Brief introduction to NHMS activities; (b) Equipment to receive and process data from MTSAT 1R, FY 2D/E and NOAA series and FY 1D satellites, and how satellite information is distributed between NHMS and regional forecasting centers; (c) Current applications for satellite data: weather analysis, tropical cyclone analysis and rainfall data retrieval; and (d) Plans to develop new satellite products and maintain cooperation with other NHMSs and international organizations.


5.2.8 Ms Bin Chann Mony, Vice Chief, Climate Office, Department of Meteorology (DOM) of Cambodia, delivered a presentation on the use of satellite service products by DOM with a focus on its capacity to use MTSAT products. As there is currently a lack of tools and software, DOM uses NWP products from SATAID and other NWP products provided through websites such as those of the RSMC Tokyo - Typhoon Center operated by JMA for monitoring/tracking typhoons and tropical cyclones, and those from the Hong Kong Observatory and the Thai Meteorological Department for making weather forecasts for the public. The presentation also highlighted the insufficient access for DOM staff to education and training opportunities and the future need to use satellite products and develop a strategy plan for DOM for 2012.


Maldives Mr Ali Shareef, Deputy Director-General, of the Maldives Meteorological Service (MMS),

delivered a presentation on the usage of satellite products in Maldives. The GEOSAT 500 ground station is a forecaster's workstation with integrated reception and processing functions. It has a full range of forecasting tools incorporating the Dvorak technique, topography, overlays, zooming and panning, integration and display of multiple data sources such as GRIB, SYNOPs, SST, and cloud classification. However, the system is currently not functioning, and local technicians have been unable to diagnose or rectify the problem or fault. As a result, Maldives currently has no facilities to receive images from polar-orbiting satellites. Pictures from the NOAA series and the FY orbiting series are important to the region; in 1991, a storm that hit southern Maldives was successfully predicted using data from the NOAA polar orbiters. It is therefore of the utmost importance for the organization to bring the system back to a functioning state. In the meantime, there is also concern over the probable discontinuation of METEOSAT-7 services over the Indian Ocean, which deliver images of the Maldives area in its entirety with extreme clarity. Capacity building in the area of satellite image interpretation and the development of simple application tools using satellite data will also be very useful for MMS staff. MMS looks forward to assistance from WMO, service providers or donors in resolving these issues.



    • 6.1

      Status of the WMO-CGMS Virtual Laboratory

      • 6.1.1.

        Dr Volker Gaertner (EUMETSAT) delivered a presentation on the concept and status of the

WMO Virtual Laboratory for Education and Training in Satellite Meteorology (VLab). The meeting noted that VLab is a cooperative effort among satellite operators to facilitate the use of satellite data in operational services, with particular focus on developing countries. VLab is a network of training entities providing training materials, organizing training courses and event weeks, and using more and more distance-learning techniques.


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