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satellite data and product delivery and to the formulation of data requirements, the implementation of Digital Video Broadcast dissemination systems fed by multiple data sources, and the harmonization of Direct Broadcast and Internet distribution services. He noted that CBS-Ext. (10)) had also welcomed holding the first Asia Oceania Meteorological Satellite User’s Conference and the proposals of JMA, KMA and CMA to hold similar events in the future. Finally, in response to the exponential increase in the number of satellite data sources and volume, and the sophistication of space-based instruments, Mr Lafeuille encouraged the regional collaboration toward the sharing of products. To this effect, he stressed the need for products to be based on agreed requirements, validated, quality-controlled, sustained and documented with proper metadata. He encouraged the Pilot Project to take steps in this direction.

    • 3.4

      Support for WMO Regional Association II (Asia)

      • 3.4.1

        Mr Kuniyuki Shida, Programme Manager, Regional Office for Asia and the South-West

Pacific, Development and Regional Activities Department of WMO, delivered a presentation on the new working mechanism of Regional Association II (Asia) adopted at its fourteenth session (XIV-RA II) held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, in December 2008, in view of the need to align with the WMO Strategic Plan as well as the Expected Results of the RA II Strategic Plan (2009–2011). He introduced the establishment of three pilot projects established at XIV-RA II, and stressed that they were established in order to enhance the capabilities of NMHSs in developing countries, particularly LDCs, to fulfill their mandates.

3.4.2 Mr Shida briefed the meeting on WMO support provided for RA II through the Regional Programme, the Technical Cooperation Programme (including the Voluntary Cooperation Programme (VCP)), the WMO Programme for LDCs and resource mobilization by the Development and Regional Activities Department, specifically by the Regional Office for Asia and the South-West Pacific.

3.4.3 He also expressed his appreciation for the work performed under this Pilot Project to date, and expressed expectations for various activities to be carried out within the project and reported to the next session of RA II.

  • 4.


    • 4.1

      Mr Kurino reviewed the first-phase action plan of the Pilot Project, which covered from

September 2009 through August 2010, including:

    • 1)

      issuance of bi-monthly newsletters for RA II Members;

    • 2)

      establishment of Pilot Project web pages on the WMO Space Programme website;

    • 3)

      creation of two mailing lists (one for RA II Members and one for Coordinating Group Members);

    • 4)

      identification of requirements through the above activities and through preparation for a survey of RA II Members to enable the organization of assistance to recipient members;

    • 5)

      alignment of the Pilot Project activities with VLab activities to optimize assistance to NMHSs in RA II; and

    • 6)

      development of a second-phase action plan by summer 2010.

    • 4.1

      RA II Pilot Project Newsletter

      • 4.1.1

        The meeting recalled that the five newsletters were issued in the first phase for RA II

Members, providing information on how to access satellite imagery, data and products (including application products) as well as on training activities currently available or to be introduced in the future. It noted that the newsletter is a very effective way of providing information to RA II Members.


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