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NMHSs Hong Kong, China

5.2.1 Mr Chi Kuen So, Scientific Officer, Hong Kong Observatory (HKO), gave a status update on the availability and usage of meteorological satellite data and products at HKO. His presentation covered: Brief introduction to HKO; Satellite ground reception systems; Application of satellite data; Studies and use of satellite data on numerical models; and Enhancement of public information and education.

5.2.2 He introduced HKO’s operation of a number of ground stations to receive direct broadcast satellite images from a host of meteorological satellites. In addition, he highlighted how HKO also receives a variety of satellite data and derived products via re-direct satellite broadcast, GTS and the Internet for use in operational weather forecasting and research. Some examples of applications of satellite data and derived products as well studies and use of satellite data on non-hydrostatic models by HKO were given. To enhance public information and education, HKO has started to provide satellite images on its website (www.weather.gov.hk) and other different channels for the public and users. Training courses on interpretation of radar and satellite images were introduced for government officers and the public as a means for raising awareness of natural disasters. Satellite imagery is also used by HKO meteorologists for daily TV weather programmes and for special media briefings on severe weather events. In conclusion, it was highlighted that meteorological satellite data and products are indispensable for the provision of weather forecasting and warning services in Hong Kong, China. They are widely used to support weather and environmental monitoring, severe weather warnings and disaster mitigation as well as for

public education.


Kyrgyzstan Ms Makhbuba Kasymova

, Head, Department of Weather Forecasting, Agency of

Hydrometeorology under Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyzhydromet), introduced Kyrgyzstan and its meteorological services, including the activities of the Meteorological Forecasting Department of Kyrgyzhydromet. The presentation outlined how satellite data is used within the organization. Problems relating to the prediction of hazard phenomena, which represent major issues for the country, were explicitly discussed. It was expected that this meeting and the ongoing Pilot Project would result in useful developments toward the usage of satellite products in NHMS activities in Kyrgyzstan.


5.2.4 Mr Humaid Al Badi, Chief, Remote Sensing and Studies Section, Directorate General of Meteorology and Air Navigation of Oman delivered a presentation on the usage of satellite products in Oman. He highlighted that: (a) Meteosat-IODC provides the best coverage and the most easily accessible data for Middle East countries, which look for the continuity of IODC services from EUMETSAT; (b) The information about the procedures and technical requirements for receiving CMACast data is not sufficient; (c) Recommendation from a user point of view: satellite operators should provide easily accessible descriptive information on how to obtain data and to whom contact on a technical level for individual satellites, e.g., through a WMO website; and

  • (d)

    The meeting was invited to discuss ways to help CoEs to create more local trainers (experts),

  • e.

    g., on-the-job training/internship programmes in organizations that use satellite data at the

highest capacity and/or periods of work with organizations that specialize in deriving products.


5.2.5 Mr Muhammad Aslam, Senior Meteorologist, Pakistan Meteorological Department, delivered a presentation on the usage of satellite products in Pakistan. China’s FY-2 E/D satellite imagery is used for the detection of thunderstorms, dust storms, tropical cyclones, fog, simple cloud, etc. This satellite information is used to help the issuance of accurate forecasts for the aviation industry, farmers, radio, TV, newspapers, etc.



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