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Session Descriptions


Dangerous Document Issues – Standing and Evidence in the Courts A

  • Required documents to appear

  • Results for not having the right documents

  • Adavits and declarations vs. live testimony

  • Best practices

  • Discussion of MERS



Legislative Updates I

  • State-by-state major updates

  • Federal updates

  • Municipal ordinances


Mediation Hearings I

  • Notification to Servicer –


Scheduled Mediation Hearing

  • Coordinating Attendance –

Notification to counsel

  • Preparation for mediation

  • Common concerns

  • Monitoring results of hearings


Mortgage Fraud and Identity Theft I S

  • Identifying and Servicing Fraudulent Loans

  • Identity Theft and the Fair Credit Reporting Act’s “Red Flag” Regulations

  • Maximizing Recovery while Minimizing Liability

  • Repurchase demands and assignee liability


Notepad Stations will be available Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. through

  • ursday at 3:00 p.m.

Conversation Cafés will be held

  • ursday at 3:45 p.m.


Covers Fundamentals and leads up to Intermediate


Covers Intermediate and leads up to Advanced

A Covers Advanced levels


2-Hour Super Session

BANKRUPTCY Advanced Bankruptcy A S

  • Automatic stay issues

  • Plan conrmation

  • Lien stripping and cramdowns

  • Claim issues

  • Payment application

  • Servicing after discharge

  • Red ag documents

Bankruptcy Workouts I

  • Attitude of Judges and Trustees to bankruptcy workouts

  • Workouts during Chapter 7

  • Workouts during Chapter 13

  • Servicer issues

  • Proposed workout initiatives

  • Proposed cram down legislation

Advanced Bankruptcy: Preparing for Cramdown A S

  • HR 1106 – what it says and the anticipated timeline

  • Impact of HR 1106

  • How the cramdown proposals will come

  • How to defend and service


Advanced Foreclosure Issues A S

  • Default/acceleration issues

  • Fraud claims in foreclosure

  • Mortgage elimination of other

  • Eective handling of contested

  • Payment application issues

  • Escrow accounting

  • New cases


Loss Mitigation Forum I S

  • Eective methodologies

  • Dealingwithnon-communicative borrowers

  • Utilizing technology

  • Loss mitigation in bankruptcy

  • “Right” contact

  • Eective utilization of industry partners


8 C’s of Communication for Clients, Counsel & Colleagues F

  • Contracts, agreements and

other important documents

  • Conferences

  • Contact Lists

  • Computers

  • Communication

  • Compliments and Complaints

  • Clients

  • Calamities

Economic Eects on Mortgage Servicing F

  • Origination Volume

  • Unemployment

  • Housing Price

  • Commodity and Stock Prices

  • Currency Exchange Rates

  • Economic Growth and GDP

  • Government Spending

  • International Trade

Hazard Insurance Recovery Issues I S

  • Misconceptions about the

Mortgagee Clause



Hazard Insurance Recovery Issues (cont.) I S

  • Common Causes of Delay in Payment/Claim Denials

  • Full Credit Bid – How It Aects Your Claim

  • Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA & VA Issues Re: Hazard Claims

  • Importance of Accurate/ Quality BPOs to Hazard Claims

Servicing Discussion with Fannie, Freddie, HUD &VA I S

  • Open discussion of important product issues facing servicers

  • Panelists representing Fannie, Freddie, FHA/HUD & VA will provide updates

  • Q & A session

Servicing Manager’s Networking Roundtable (Servicers Only) S

  • Open forum encouraging peer-to-peer interaction

  • Outsourcing

  • Technology & disaster recovery

  • Changes in default as occurrences increase

  • Best practices


REO Disposition Solutions I

  • Public sector issues associated with the traditional processes

  • Strategies utilized to facilitate the reduction of blight

  • Strategies for partnerships that facilitate mutually benecial disposition of REO

he Conversation Café is a place to come together with your peers to uncover answers and share ideas about the topics that matter to you most. These are round table discussions where the topics are determined by YOU. T

Our Conversation Cafés will focus on the following themes:

Loss Mitigation


  • Bankruptcy

  • Foreclosure

conversation café

NEW for 2009


Overcoming Eviction/REO Challenges in Today’s Environment I S

  • Learn how best to initiate evictions

  • How to handle personal property

  • How to accomplish alternatives to standard evictions

  • What to look for in Real Estate


  • Focus on state-specic hot topics

How It Works

You can contribute just by sitting in on a conversation. But if you want to initiate a discussion on a topic of your choice, here’s how to get started:

  • 1.

    Develop a question/comment that is compelling to you. (You don’t have to be an expert on the topic, just have a passion for it.)

  • 2.

    Write down your question or comment.

  • 3.

    Post your topic question on the appropriate notepad station.

  • 4.

    The notes will be collected and used as the outline for each Conversation Café.


P&P Issues: Vacant Property Registration Ordinances I

  • Updates on how the industry is developing best practices to address municipal leaders on a national scale

  • How to implement ecient communication tools

  • Best practices

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