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THE SEARCH FOR EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS With the person-centered approach

The last paper I wrote (Natiello, 2003), addressed a pending, global paradigm

shift, and opened with the following quote:

We are in the midst of an amazing global event that is centuries in

the making: the awakening of the global mind, the emergence of a

higher form of life in human evolution. (Ashok Gangadean, 2001)

I alluded to the kinds of persons who might usher us through such a shift, and said that

genuine dialogue was an essential component of that movement. In this paper, I am

suggesting to person-centered practitioners that we have the knowledge, research and

understanding to contribute significantly to the ‘awakening of the global mind’, and that

many of us have already joined the ranks of scientists and social pioneers who are

fostering the development of expanded consciousness

I will rely mostly on anecdotal evidence to illuminate the process of expanding

consciousness, because, ironically, residing too much in one’s theoretical head tends to

inhibit that very possibility.

A professor who wanted to know about Zen visited a master who

Poured tea for his guest, but kept pouring until the visitor cried, “Stop!

Stop!” It is running over!

Indeed, said the master, like yourself!”

As long as you are brimming over with opinions and theories

There is no way to show Zen to you. (Franck, F. 1976).


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