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THE SEARCH FOR EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS With the person-centered approach - page 8 / 14





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Rogers, and the current researchers of consciousness some of whom are Juanita Brown,

Otto Scharmer, Tom Callanan, Rupert Sheldrake, and others. In the work of these

pioneers are many insights into the phenomena of person-centered groups.

Although the appearance of collective wisdom/expanded consciousness that we

are finding in the person-centered groups seems to resist explanation in rational, logical

terms, indeed, it does exist. It was the reputation of the famous scientist, David Bohm

that gave credibility during the 1980s to the study of thought and consciousness and their

connection to new models of reality being posed by modern physics. By ‘thought’ Bohm

meant not only the products of our conscious intellect but also our feelings, emotions,

intentions and desires (Cayer, 1997, p. 43). His well known conversations with the

Indian mystic, Krishnamurti, revealed a potential for a new kind of conversation that

could conceivably transform “not only the relationship between people, but even more,

the very nature of consciousness…...” Bohm called these conversations, ‘dialogues’.

(Hamilton, 2004). He understood that most of the problems between human beings arose

from the unexamined, memory-laden cultural presuppositions and ideas that we carry into

our discourse, and that prevent us from having meaning-filled exchanges on matters of

importance. If we could drop pre-conceived ideas and learnings, said Bohm, and get

unstuck from our intellect and memory, we could participate in a ‘pool of common

meaning’ where change and growth is far more likely to happen.

Even before David Bohm’s arrival on the consciousness scene, and, during the

last two decades especially, the acknowledgement of collective wisdom has proliferated.

Here are some examples of what people are beginning to accept:


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