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THE SEARCH FOR EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS With the person-centered approach - page 9 / 14





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*PierreTeilhard de Chardin said, “We are …..moving towards some new critical

point that lies ahead – a harmonized collectivity of consciousness equivalent to a

sort of super-consciousness……the Omega Point”

*Otto Scharmer (head of an MIT Leadership project). “What’s new today in the

world is that now the first and most accessible gateway into deeper spiritual

experience is not individual meditation but group work. What happens is …..

that you tap into this deeper process of awareness and consciousness as a group.”

*”I think it comes down to Grace,” Juanita Brown explains. “You can set the

conditions that make it more likely for that ‘magic in the middle’ to happen, but

you can’t predict that it will happen……”

*Tom Callanan, project officer from Fetzer Institute, says, “Good conversation

doesn’t just involve getting the best people in a room and saying, ‘Let’s talk.’”

Occasionally, an unexpected intimacy and vulnerability would emerge between

the participants. But often the groups struggled to find cohesion. At times,

something magical would occur.

*The Fetzer Institute initiated a project to look for ways to increase the

effectiveness of their dialogues and deepen understanding of this

group wisdom. One of their questions was, “What was the experience of

magic’ that emerged when the groups they studied were at their best.”

“What was the mysterious’ intelligence that seemed to emerge when these

groups reached the unity of group mind?”

*Rupert Sheldrake and his theory of morphic fields where one treats the whole

flock of geese as if its in a field, the field of the whole group. A morphic field


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