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Disposal of Information

Dispose of patient information in a way that others will not see it (i.e. shredding) Either use a shredder, place in a container marked for shredding (gray shred bins throughout PCMH ) or rip into small pieces.

Delete from the computer electronic messages and files with patient information.

HIPAA and Research

You must have University Medical Center and Institutional Review Board (UMCIRB) approval regardless of the type of research to be conducted if it involves the access or use of patient health information. For questions regarding research and HIPAA privacy, contact either the ECU Privacy Officer at 744-5200 or contact the UHSEC (PCMH) Privacy Officer at 847-6545.

Secure Passwords

Secure passwords are equivalent to your personal signature

You are responsible for work done under your password.

Remember to log off when you are done using your computer or a program on a departmental computer.

It is good practice to use a screen saver on your computer – this way when you leave your desk temporarily, information is not easily seen.

Never share computer passwords.

What are the Consequences of Non-Compliance with HIPAA?

LEGALLY – for You and either ECU or PCMH

Lack of compliance could lead to criminal, civil and financial penalties to the hospital or ECU

Disciplinary action up to and including termination

Enforce regulations to the full extent of the law

Possible basis for civil lawsuit for privacy violations


Loss of patient/community trust

Lack of professional atmosphere

What Are the Benefits of HIPAA Compliance?

We create an even safer environment for our patients

We manage the balance between the disclosure of patient information and their right to privacy

We bring our standards to life in one more way

Please read the following Policy on Privacy, Information Security and Confidentiality of Medical Information. If you have any questions you may contact the Hospital’s privacy officer, at 847-6545 or ECU HIPAA Privacy officer

March 17, 2009

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