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for formulary alternatives, if appropriate. Orders for non-formulary antibiotics will need to be approved by Infectious Disease Service before they can be ordered by Pharmacy.

Physician Order Priority:

There are four designations of orders at Pitt County Memorial Hospital:

Stat, Now, ASAP, and Routine. This terminology was established for use in this hospital and is followed in the hospital pharmacy. Appendix II lists the definitions for each of these terms.

Emergency Cart/Code Team:

This hospital is serviced by a Code Blue Team with a Code Blue Cart in every area. PCMH provides a Rapid Response Team that responds to “pre-code’’ patient situations.  The Team can be accessed by dialing 7-4333.

Stop/Hold Order Policy:

Hospital policy dictates that orders for certain drugs are discontinued automatically according to time limits set by the Medical Staff.  These medications must be reordered for continuation of therapy. HealthSpan notifies prescribers when a medication is soon to expire or if a med has recently expired, allowing for order renewal.  

Antimicrobials – 7 days

Meperidine – 2 days

Ketorolac (Toradol) – 5 days

Becaplermin (Regranex) - 7 days

Filgrastim (Neupogen)   - 7 days  

        Nebulized Bronchodilators – 3 days

Physicians may write orders which designate a specific number of doses or specific stop date to override the automatic stop order limits.  The duration of an order will be 14 days unless otherwise specified by the prescriber.

Investigational Drugs:

Only the principle investigators and co-investigators (designated on the protocol)   are authorized to prescribe investigational drugs. Verbal or telephone orders of the authorized investigators are acceptable if co-signed within 24 hours.

Protocols must be reviewed and approved by the University Medical Center Institutional Review Board before a drug can be administered.

Patients that are enrolled in clinical trials through other medical centers will be allowed to continue to take their investigational medications while at PCMH.  However, a copy of the research protocol and signed informed consent should be obtained from the enrolling institution.

March 17, 2009

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