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Patient’s Home Medications:

Medications brought to the hospital by patients will not be administered in the hospital under normal circumstances.  These medications will be sent home with a patient’s family member whenever possible.  If no family is available to take the patients’ medications, they will be stored in the Department of Pharmacy until the patient is discharged.  These meds are to be placed in patient “Home Med envelope” by nursing and sent to Pharmacy.  Medications will be destroyed by Pharmacy if not claimed by the patient or family at discharge.

Patient Home Medications may be used in the hospital if the medication is not stocked as part of the hospital Formulary, no acceptable therapeutically equivalent medication is available, and the medication cannot be readily obtained from another local source. The medication must be identified by Pharmacy prior to use of patients own medications.

Complete physician orders should be entered by the prescriber for each medication to be given.

Medications Sent Home with Patients at Discharge:

PCMH does not have an outpatient pharmacy service.  The only items that are allowed to be sent home at discharge are the remaining inpatient units of single-patient items such as ointments, liquids, ENT preparations and insulins.  These items, once opened, are not creditable and can be sent home with patients.

There must be an order for these medications to be sent home in the chart with complete directions on their use.  The medication should be sent to the Pharmacy for labeling and to assure all laws are met concerning labeling and packaging.

A physician may authorize a 24 supply of medications be dispensed to a patient at discharge if needed until the patient can reach an outpatient pharmacy. (48 hours on weekends, 72 hours on holiday weekends.)

TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) Orders:

TPN orders need to be entered by 1:00pm every day.  Orders received after 3:00pm will not be processed. Changes in TPNs are very expensive.  A 24-hour supply of TPN is mixed after an order is received.  Whenever possible, changes should be written so that they can be in effect after the present supply is utilized.

If questions arise concerning TPN orders, contact an IV pharmacist at 847-4559 or Nutrition Support Team Pharmacist on beeper 0765. The Nutrition Support Team of PCMH is available for consultation on TPN or tube feeding patients upon request of the attending physician/House Staff.  The Nutritional Support Team may be consulted by placing a request in HealthSpan. The initial consultation will include a nutritional assessment, a list of nutritional requirements, and recommendations for nutritional support and monitoring.  The team will then follow the patient regularly and monitor for complications and achievement of the nutritional goals.  Follow-up recommendations will be

March 17, 2009

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