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Code Teams and Urgent Clinical Resources

There are several ways to access additional resources for your patients who are decompensating clinically.  

The Code Blue Team can be called and will be able to assist with cardiac or respiratory arrest.  If you’re not sure whether or not to call the Code Team—call them.  They can always go back to what they were doing, and it’s the safest thing for your patient.  

The Rapid Response Team can provide medical consults for patients who are doing poorly.  The Team is in place to prevent codes.  Discuss with your senior resident whether or not to consult the Rapid Response Team.

The Code Stroke Team should be called whenever you suspect your patient is having a stroke.  The Code Stroke Team is comprised of experts on stroke, and will help you access the best resources for your patient with the goal of the best possible outcome.

Other critical announcements and resources:

Code Pink

Code Pink means a suspected or actual infant/child abduction is taking place at PCMH.  If you believe this is happening, try to detain the individual with the child or infant and contact the Police at their emergency number (7-4376).  There are special lock down procedures to follow if you are in the pediatric units of the hospital during a code pink.  Please ask about these in the pediatric departments.

Station Red

Station Red means that a fire or potential fire is occurring.  The overhead page will announce that there is a Station Red and the location.  Once the Station Red is resolved, an overhead page will announce that Station Red Is All Clear.

If you spot a fire, dial 7-4333 for an Emergency.  State that there is a fire, the exact location, extent of the fire and your name.

Dr. Search

Dr. Search means that there has been a bomb threat received by the hospital.  In the case of a Dr. Search, search the room you are currently in starting with the floor and moving towards the ceiling looking for any suspicious items.  Once you have searched the room, please exit the room and close the door and mark it with a piece of visible tape to let others know the room has been searched.  If you find any suspicious items, dial 7-4333 giving them your exact location and item you have found.  Once the Dr. Search has been resolved an overhead page will announce that Dr. Search Is All Clear.

March 17, 2009

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