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Occupational Health Services is provided to all hospital employees.  Their focus is on employees’ health and safety.  Main services they provide are initial and annual health screens, employee illness, return to work clearances, exposure to communicable diseases and accidental injury.  

Annual screenings are required on your birth month.  The GME office will remind you to make an appointment.

If you are absent from work for more than 3 days for health reasons, you will be required to have clearance from Occupational Health prior to returning to work.

PCMH Police Force

PCMH has a trained police force on duty 24 hours a day.  If you have an emergency on our campus call 7-4376 or press the button at any emergency call box.  Emergency call boxes are located in parking lots and outlying areas of the PCMH campus.  They are white cylinders with blue lights at the top of them.  If you just need to contact the dispatcher about a non-emergency (ex. car won’t start) call 7-8568.

The Police also offer help if you are in a domestic violence situation.  You can contact our police department and they can help protect you on campus with escorts and special parking.  They will also help you with the legal aspects of domestic violence situations.

Also, if you are leaving campus going to your car in a remote lot and do not feel safe walking to your car, please contact the non-emergency number at 7-8568 for an escort to your car.

Dress Code and ID Badges

Dress Code: Minimum Standards of Professional Dress and Appearance

The following standards are minimum standards for professional dress and appearance, your program may have standards that are stricter, and you will need to comply with those standards as well. The Organization reserves the right to determine at its discretion what is and is not appropriate workplace attire and to address issues as they arise.


Identification Badges


The Hospital Police Department will issue ID badges to all employees. If you do not wear your ID badge, you may be challenged by Hospital Police personnel. The badge must be worn so that the information it contains is readily visible to those who come in contact with you. Employees are required to wear their ID badges at all times while on duty.  Residents and Fellows will also be issued ID badges from ECU (ECU One Card) which will give you access to the GME Center and other appropriate areas within the medical school.

March 17, 2009

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