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Emanuel Clapper 5th great grandfather of Paul L. Tulga Ref. Clapper GEDCOM

Emanuel Hermanus Clapper

b. Abt 1750 Of Clappertown, Blair, Pa (now Barbara, Huston Twp., Blair Co., PA.)

d. 1815 or BET 26 DEC 1803 AND 23 JAN 1804 in Huntingdon, Huntingdon Co., PA The spelling of Herman may appear as Harmon, Manus, and in an Articleof Agreement found in Huntingdon Co. courthouse his name is spelled inthelatin form of Hermanus. Herman

Clapper, married Catherine

???? whileliving in Washington Co. MD From the Washington Co. deeds I found inBookB, 419, dated Nov. 28, 1780 that Harman Clapper, Washinton

Co.,farmer, andwife, Catherine sold to Rev. George

YOUNG of Elizabethtown, for 425pounds,all that tract on which Harman Clapper now lives, known as

"Nazareth",formerly the property of Joseph WOLLAMOTT, deceased, 100 acres. Thismusthave been

when Herman and his wife, Catherine sold out and moved toPA. Inthe U.S.

census of 1790 Harmon Clapper is listed in Huntingdon Co. PAashaving 1 male under 16, and 2 females. In an Article of

agreement,Will Book1, Vol. M, Page 131, dated Ced 26,

1803, Hermanus and CatherineClappermention the following children; 1. Mary, who died June 28, 1791,marriedAnthony BEAVER, his first

marriage, 2. Susanna (died Sep. 24

1849,marriedAnthony BEAVER, his second marriage 3. Daniel, who married CatherineLOWER;4. Henry; 5. John; 6. Jacob, who married Lucinda ???; 7 George,

whomarriedfirst a

MOYER, and his 2nd

marriage was to Matilda FOUSE; and 8.Catherine, who married Frederick HERRING. In the Article of AgreementHermanstates that his land on Piney Creek,

now in

Blair Co. PA, was conveyedto himby John BRUMBAUGHM containing 110 acres and 18 perches.Letters of Administration were granted to Ludwig Clapper, his brother,andJacob


Herman Clapper estate on Jan. 23, 1804,

soHermanmust have died between Dec. 26, 1803 and Jan. 23, 1804. Mr STEWART inhishistory gives

Herman's name as Emanuel. This is because probably hesaw

the name written as Manus somewhere and thought it was short name forEmanuel.This was all in one paragraph so

that is how I copied it. I find anumberof differences between these 2 pages and "the

Clappers in America"information.I plan to try to find this article the next time I go to Altoona

PAmaybenext Spring. My husband and I have been searching various familymembersof his and mine so have

visited a number of PA

libraries. We oftencomehome and find something we "missed" in the papers we have copied andwishwe could see that "report" or "book" again. per Carol Hurley <carrus@cablenet-

VA.com> married Catherine (unk) | |-Mary Clapper

  • b.

    ca1742 in Pa.

  • d.

    28 JUN 1791

| |

married Anthony BEAVER BEF 1791

b: 26 JAN 1761 in Hopewell Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA

d. 7 SEP 1839 in Woodcock Valley, Huntingdon Co., PA

also married Susannah Clapper on 13 JUN 1791 b: APR 1775 in Clappertown, now Barbara, Huston Twp., Blair Co., PA

| | | | |

| |-Anthony BEAVER married Sarah BARRICK | |-Laura Jane BEAVER

Burial: Reformed Cem., Marklesburg, Huntingdon Co., PA 2

| | | | | |

m 1 . J a c o b A n d r e w G R O V E 9 O C T 1 8 7 3 i n M a r k l e s b u r g , H u n t i n g d o n C o . , P b: 11 OCT 1874 b: 1881 A |-Florence Agnes GROVE |-Jacob Andrew GROVE

m2. Jacob STONE AFT 1880

b: 1843 in Marklesburg, Huntingdon Co., PA

|-Ludwig Clapper


| | | | | | | | | | |

married Mary Metzker (4 children)

Ludwig Clapper, who emigrated from Germany with Emanuel married Mary Metzker in 1794. Henry Clapper, his son, born 1795. Mary his daughter was born in 1807 and

Christena born in 1810.

Henry married Eva Hartle. Their children were Mary wife of Samuel Rhodes born in 1814, Frances wife of George Shingler, born in -------------

this line is illegible, Elizabeth wife of Adam Bower John

born in 1821?, Nancy wife of John Smith born in 1824; Susan wife of Mason Howard born in 1827; and Eva wife

of William Stiffler, was born in 1832. She is the only one living and at the age of 83 years. She is the mother of John, William and James, deceased, and Martha at home unmarried. John Clapper was married to Mary Brumbaugh and lived on his farm at Clappertown until his death. His wife survives him and is 89 years of age. She lives near Martinsburg. Their children were Jacob, Archie, John, Maggie, wife of George

Hagey, with whom the aged mother lives; Celia, wife of Elliot Johnson and Elizabeth, wife of Martin Fornwalt. The family record of Henry Clapper is recorded in a German Bible

printed 130 years ago. We were shown a grandfathers clock that

has ticked off time

for more than 120 years and is still ticking, also a book of Psalms printed in German language in 17?9. These relics can be seen in the home of William Stiffler,

Altoona, Pa. We regret that we have not history of Henry Clapper¹s other children and are indebted to Mr. Stiffler for a family name with which is connected so much of interest

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