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IBM p640 Web Server (B80)

       375MHz POWER3-II

       1GB RAM

       2 - 18.2GB SCSI drives - mirrored

       AIX 4.3.3 Operating System

       IBM_HTTP_Server/1.3.12 Apache/1.3.12 (Unix)

       Backup performed daily via Harbor

2. Significance to the improvement of the operation of government.

The innovative online PSAP service has allowed the Montana Public Safety Service office along with each PSAP office the ability to know what emergency equipment is available at each location.  This type of service is very important in a vast geographic state like Montana.  The service makes it possible to identify which offices need upgraded equipment and also the possibility to share resources.  This is extremely important for providing public safety no matter the size of the disaster for rural communities.  The online PSAP service has taken a giant step in helping to provide better homeland security in Montana.

The service allows the individual offices to edit their own profiles as new equipment is purchased or more lines are added using a username and password.  Therefore the state office can see, at a glance, where each office is in terms of equipment and capacity needs as upgrades are made in stages over time.  The information is available in real-time, and can be accessed from anywhere, allowing the PSAP office to share the data with other agencies on the state and federal level.  The convenience of having access to this information in minutes saves staff valuable time.

The PSAP Site Survey was developed and maintained without the use of tax dollars or a general fund appropriation. This is possible through a public/private alliance between the state of Montana and DiscoveringMontana.com.  By not having to pay for the Oracle database or the front-end coding, the agency saved at least $5,285.00.

3. Benefits realized by service recipients, taxpayers, agency or state.

In addition to the password-protected site that allows users to add or edit surveys, a publicly accessible site was also launched that allows for the viewing of inventories for those with an interest in the data.  It allows for interested parties to view the information together while perhaps geographically separated.  There is also a reduction in time and paperwork since interested parties do not need to request initial and updated copies of the inventories, and the PSAP office does not need to print, copy, or mail them.

Also, the ability for all PSAPs to view what is available across Montana allows them to share resources.  This allows for offices to save financial resources knowing they are able to borrow equipment instead of purchase.

The PSAP also benefits from having the data in the Oracle database where all information is updated.  There is one data source from which reports can be generated.

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