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EuroMicroDay2003 with EuroMicroSquare2003: Match-Making Happening with Poster Offering Cooperation is organised as prevent of the 1st FEMS congress of European microbiologists.

With this we would like to present European research programmes and how to apply for their calls. Poster session and discussions EuroMicroSquare2003 will be organised as the first and second step of the preparation of the project proposals: the presentation of the project ideas and establishing of the international consortia.

EuroMicroDay2003 is organised in three parts. The first part is general presentation of some Scientific and Technological Programmes of the European Union some successful projects by its coordinators. The second part – EuroMicroSquare2003 – will be the poster sessions of innovative and interested ideas for project proposals where potential coordinators will seek for partners (research, technology transfer offers, etc.). The discussions will start during poster session and could continue on Tuesday (1st July) in the afternoon. The third part of the activity will be conducted as workshops for presented programmes’ project calls.

The Brochure contains 32 abstracts of proposal ideas, short descriptions of enterprises or research institutions divided in four sections:

1.Enterprises looking for complementary partners in research arena (2 abstracts)

2.Researchers offer their findings for technology transfer to enterprises (2 abstracts)

3.Research institutions looking for technology transfer to enterprises and for partners for joint research venture (3 abstracts)

4.Research institutions looking for partners for joint research venture (25 abstracts)

The discussions on subjects presented on posters is organised on 29 June and it will continue on 1st July 2003 in University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical faculty.

On behalf of the organisers Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Ministry of Economy and FEMS we would like to express the sincerely thanks to all authorities of the European research programmes that support the organisation of this event, invited speakers, chairmen, and the willingness of poster presenters to present their ideas or offers.

Dr. Livija Tušar

National Contact Point for BioTechHealth

for FP6 in Slovenia

Ministry of Education, Science and Sport

Trg OF 13, SI-1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 1 478 4681

Fax: +386 1 478 4719

E-mail: livija.tusar@gov.si


Prof.Dr. Peter Raspor

President of the Organising Committee for 1st FEMS congress of European Microbiologists

University of Ljubljana

Biotechnical faculty

Jamnikarjeva 101, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: + 386 1 423 11 61

Fax: +386 1 257 40 92

E-mail: peter.raspor@bf.uni-lj.si

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