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Meeting Seven June 2006

Meeting seven saw the group moving towards clearer understanding of the key elements of the role. This understanding was arrived at by discussing how they encountered the leadership/management tension in their day-to-day practice and how they managed that. The group were very clear that the role should not include some particular compliance and clerical responsibilities that were presently attached to the management and leadership aspects of the role. Their devotion to the patient remained and the role of an Associate Clinical Nurse Leader was suggested.

One participant summarised for the group what administrative tasks she would like to see removed:

I guess for me to start the ball rolling I think there are things like the quality and risk expectations, the health and safety expectations…certainly the quality

and risk and the health and safety stuff and this administrative stuff like the typing in of reports and the typing letters and the typing in of performance reviews and all that sort of stuff. I think [some of this] should actually go to a clerical [person] whether there’s a clerical person that is employed.

There was general agreement that administrative tasks as described above should not be a critical element of the role and that it should be assigned to a further resource. After lengthy discussion and recycling the suggestion was made that the most agreed solution for CNLs would be to establish an associate CNL position. This associate role could be full- time or part-time based on how many full time equivalent staff the Clinical Nurse Leader was responsible for. The discussion where this resolution was gained finished as follows.

One participant supported the suggestion made of an associate CNL versus an administrative non-clinical support person:

I think maybe an associate CNL would be better because I think within our role we …are leaders and we also have to be responsible for some management and that’s just the way it is- managing some complexity but maybe the problem is the role has got too big.


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