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our ideas and that’s really very satisfying cause that’s what we were supposed to achieve through all this [action research].

The details of the proposal were discussed with participants agreeing that breaking down the position description was useful. One said: “I like the idea of breaking down the job description because … I know when I first looked at it [I] had no idea really …. and they are deliberately broad”. Further feedback on the proposal led to another participant saying: It’s quite mind-blowing, it’s quite overwhelming and fantastic to think that somehow

t h a t s c o m e o u t o f u s i n s e v e n e i g h t m o n t h s .

I explained that if the group agreed with the proposal, a consultative approach would be used as the next step towards implementation. This approach could involve any of them if they wished and would be in the form of short presentations to nursing directorate and at appropriate managerial forums. One participant queried who would be responsible for driving” the proposal as they did not have a lot of extra time. My present role was Operations Manager for Education and Support so I informed them that, after appropriate consultation with my manager, it would fit well within my present role. The group agreed a general electronic invitation with attached information explaining the proposal would be sent out to the DHB’s CNL group and I would facilitate that process. The meeting closed with the participants agreeing it was a positive move to consult and implement the proposal instead of waiting until the completion of my thesis. Some of the closing comments included:

P a r t i c i p a n t s : E x c i t i n g ; I t h i n k y o u v e d o n e a g r e a t j o b a c t u a l l y ; i t been great”; “Yes it has”. s

Participant: “Amazing learning for me in the process and this is accomplished”.

Suzie: “Thank you all very, very much … I actually see this is a beginning”.


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