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I reminded the group at the closure of the meeting that an evaluation meeting on the process was still to be held. My reflections follow, demonstrating that the researcher will have an effect on the phenomenon studied and it needs to be recognised that the researcher is also affected by being in the field (Coghlan & Casey 2001; Dowling, 2006).

Tired group …. lots of me in this meeting as in participant wanted to give them something which I thought worthwhile from all our work not only so it will help CNLs, but so they could be proud of all of their ideas … brilliant …

straightforward for me to pull them together … Quiet thoughtful bit of sadness

  • wanted to be business like bowing out back to more of what style they are

used to …wanted to get out quick without too much consideration time for us all…memorable moment though … thought that… Thanks hugely.


Meeting 10 Evaluation

A final meeting was held on 5 October 2006 to evaluate how the process and the action research methodology had been for the group. Three members of the group were unable to attend. One had contacted me electronically to comment how she had enjoyed the process and the meetings. At this meeting, two of the participants stated that at the outset and separate to the meetings they questioned how much could really be gained out of what they termed as such a vague process. One said:

Well I think sometimes as we went through the process I got a little bit lost and I was thinking gosh you know where we are heading or what were we trying to say cause we had the question but it was trying to come up with I suppose not the answers but the way we found the role and some of it was quite difficult at times. The challenge of it to get it clear, get my head around it. I didn’t realise

what it was we were trying to achieve, I found that [out at]…. the last meeting

and probably the one before that… [It was then that] things really started to fall into place.

Another participant said:


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