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The challenge for me was I knew you were all leaders in your own right and you wouldn’t, and I predicted that you probably wouldn’t, like it and you

didn’t. And so that was cool and I was cool with that, but equally as much I expected you to say where are we going, because that’s not normally how we

operate. The actual methodology comes from all sorts of disciplines, it’s used

in psychology, education and social science and it is a really good way to get

those in their own community to actually affect change for themselves within their own community that’s why I like it. It’s not about me researching on you it’s about me researching alongside you … it’s [a] sort of social research.

The group then thanked each other and I summarised both the consultative and communicative process for the future. The meeting was closed following a display of humour from one of the participants who said: “So dare I say it, where to next”? I replied

Shall I say it’s up to you”?

8.5. Summary

The last stages of this action research, exploring how the role of CNL could be further informed and the support of the role further improved, saw the group working swiftly. They demonstrated concern for the future CNL. Preparation for the role, support and ongoing professional development was crucial for those either newly-appointed CNL or in existing positions. Meeting eight saw agreement on the worth of either the new or existing CNL assessing their learning needs and the preparation of their respective nursing team. Access, timing and frequency of education were important, with yearly performance appraisals and annual education sessions insufficient. A mentor either appointed or selected was also endorsed.

Meeting nine agreed on a proposal that outlined a preparation and professional development model for the CNL. The proposal included inviting four further CNLs of differing experience and settings to participate in a year long pilot. The group agreed that the proposal should be started prior to the writing of my thesis. The proposal expanded meeting eight’s outcomes and had four key points. Firstly, the learning needs analysis that


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