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the CNLs completed against their relevant experience would include a skills list reflective of the skills needed within the organisational position description. It would be quite prescriptive in nature, asking the CNL how familiar they were with, for example, the computer system or performance management of nursing staff. Secondly, the CNL would be offered the opportunity to have an independent facilitator meet with their nursing team to discuss what the nurses considered the role of the CNL to be. Thirdly, the support structure required would include the establishment of a District Health Board intranet site that had both photos and profiles of the existing Clinical Nurse Leader group. Lastly, the group agreed that a request would be put to the DHB to establish a Senior Nurse Lounge where CNLs could go for breaks or on completion of their day. If a newly-appointed CNL commenced, they would be given information about the position description and advised about the need for a mentor.

Meeting 10, the final meeting, saw five of the group involved in an evaluation meeting and one further participant provide written feedback. The participants verbalised how they struggled initially with the action research process as it was foreign and different to the way they worked in their Clinical Nurse Leaders role. However, they appreciated the end outcomes, particularly relating to the agreed proposal and, for some, they enjoyed their own personal growth throughout. They enjoyed the debriefing prior to the meetings and for some they would miss both this aspect and the meetings.

This chapter is the conclusion of the analysis and interpretation of Phases One and Two data plus the research project overall. The remainder of the thesis presents a discussion on the findings and what insight or implications they have for others, what is presently known about clinical nurse leadership, and for the DHB in which this research was set. Recommendations are made alongside the challenges and limitations of the project, as well as suggestions for future research.


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