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Chapter 5 sets out the analysis and interpretation of Phase One of the research – the individual interviews. This interpretation of interviews from the voices of the individual CNLs revealed content relating to the role, attributes, skills and knowledge requirements and the experience of being a CNL. This interpretation took the form of themes to be presented to the action research group.

Chapter 6 introduces the next three chapters which cover the start of Phase Two the action research meetings. This chapter accounts for the establishment of the action research group and lays out how the group narrowed their focus in the first three meetings from the large number of themes presented down to two themes. The group/facilitator dynamic is highlighted with planning, acting, observing and reflecting (action research) activities being illustrated in this and the remaining chapters. Significant changes, represented pictorially, are traced from this chapter onwards as well as inclusion of quotations from group dialogue.

Chapter 7 describes the group’s analysis of one of the two interview themes. This was related to the conflict that occurs in the role between the leadership and management accountabilities. The chapter presents the interpretation of meetings four to seven which concentrated on this conflict and the agreement reached by the group as to the components of the role of clinical nurse leader.

Chapter 8 details the remaining action research meetings and describes the group’s activities in relation to coalescing for the future CNL community. The preparation, professional development and support afforded the role is examined with a proposal for further professional development for the future agreed upon. Consultation about this proposal with the wider organisational stakeholders is discussed. This chapter also presents the details of the evaluation of the process by the group.

Chapter 9 presents an overview of the thesis and a discussion on the findings as they relate to recent relevant literature around this clinical leadership role in nursing. The insight and recommendations for stakeholders in this research as well as opportunities for future


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