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as major subject headings resulted in 247 hits and when further limited to publication type ‘research’ saw 29 articles displayed. Clinical leadership and nursing as keywords combined with the pre-selected dates plus research and in full text access equalled 65 hits.

Variation in titles such as nurse leaders, clinical nurse leader, head nurse, ward sister, nurse manager and charge nurse were used to search for clinical leadership in particular. These were also combined with particular publications including but not limited to the Journal of Advanced Nursing, Journal of Nursing Management and Journal of Nursing

Administration. Further advanced search parameters, such as country specific, database specific headings, research only and thesis work were applied, which resulted in the inclusion of some opinion led commentary. A search was run on the National Bibliographic Database (Te Puna) of New Zealand to access thesis work. Additionally, I pursued the writings of prominent authors nationally and internationally in the field of clinical leadership within the dates described. Recently published texts on leadership/management theories and their application to nursing were accessed to determine what, if any, non nursing leadership/management theory informed curriculum content of nursing leadership courses.

The articles obtained were read and key concepts extracted with the intent of seeing from what or whose perspective they had been completed. In addition, how the research informed the existing knowledge base and what recommendations had been made for future inquiry were captured.


Leadership and Nursing

The search strategy produced results that upheld my claim that the broad topic of leadership and mainstream management leadership theories had a link to nursing. It also produced others that did not. Some time ago McCormack and Hopkins (1995) suggested that like other areas of nursing, external sources of knowledge have influenced the growth of nursing leadership and management theories. This assertion has been endorsed by Marquis and Huston (2000) and Moiden (2002). The history of development of such theories and acknowledgement of leadership styles is outlined in the nursing text Roles and


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