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summarises, events unfold in an unpredictable fashion. Throughout the research project I kept a journal which allowed me to reflect on my position as the facilitator through the action research process as well as account for what was happening within the group process. Dowling (2006) describes this reflection as an examination of the level of awareness of the relationship between the researcher and the context or environment where the research is carried out.


Recruitment of Participants

Firstly, an electronic invitation was sent to the wider group of CNLs within the District Health Board, inviting them to be a part of the research project (Appendix 3) with an information sheet attached (Appendix 4). This initial communication provided detail about the opportunity to participate and what participating would entail. The two phases to the research were explained in the information sheet detailing the intention to include an initial interview and then six to 10 meetings over approximately six months. This attached information included two options. If further information was needed or questions remained I or my supervisors could be contacted. Alternatively, potential participants could attend an information meeting held on a specified date.

The responses I received included eight electronic replies, two replies by phone and one by attending an information meeting. From this initial group of 11, four had to be excluded as two were in management roles, one was active in a team co-ordinator role and one was a midwife. The remaining seven were contacted and any further information they required was given. They were informed that a tape recorder would be used to record interviews but they could request, at any time, for it to be turned off. They also could withdraw at any time without question. Thematic analysis of the interviews would then be carried out by me as the principal investigator to prepare for second phase analysis and interpretation. The next stage of data collection would occur over six to 10 action research meetings held over six months where this first set of data would be initially presented. The potential participants were informed that at the inception of action research meetings the decision of the group will direct any subsequent data collection process. Seven CNLs consented to participate.


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