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that secure the ideas (Roberts & Taylor, 2002). They define that when you can no longer reduce the themes without losing the uniqueness of the data then these become your final themes. I arrived at a collection of themes, choosing to refine no further at this point. My rationale for doing this was shaped by the writings of Sandelowski (1993) as well as this being an action research project. Sandelowski considered:

Research is both a creative and destructive process: we make things up and out of our data, but we often inadvertently kill the thing we want to understand in the process. Similarly we can preserve or kill the spirit of qualitative work: we can soften our notion of (rigour) to include the playfulness, soulfulness, imagination and technique we associate with more artistic endeavours or we can harden it by the uncritical application of rules. The choice is ours: rigor or rigor mortis. (p. 8)

My decision to generate a loose collection of themes was also informed by this being the reconnaissance phase of the action research project, a starting point of a group process which I wanted the group to direct. More detailed analysis of the interview themes may have seen the loss of the individual voice within this collection and seen mine dominate. Two excerpts from my journal highlight my thinking in making this decision:

I was acutely aware that the participants in the interview were sharing with me in it appeared in an honest and candid way their experiences within the role of Clinical Nurse Leader. I was acutely aware that I needed to protect their identity but at the same time present their experiences as true and accurate representation of their data. I did at times feel like I had been gifted gems of knowledge and that caused me to consider how to care for these gems.

I deliberately chose not to further refine any less than 24 for two reasons... How did I know what was more important what would be lost in further refinement how did I know? And then later… on the other hand it felt right to let the group decide as too much me in this part really…too much me in the analysis. Tried to do it quickly without too much interpretation and consideration in my head.


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