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Nine action research meetings, held approximately monthly, plus one evaluation meeting were held over 11 months. The meetings in their entirety were completed in October 2006.

Analysis of Action Research Meetings

On completion of interviews and the presentation of themes, the group directed the ongoing analysis of the content related to the role of CNL, in accordance with the principles of action research. In the following chapters this direction is illustrated figuratively from the outset of the research project reflecting a number of factors: the aim of the research, the questions, the methodology chosen, Phase One then the simultaneous flow of content and action points. It also represents my role of facilitator: My query “what is going on here?” and the “transformative moments” (p. 330) of the research as described by Wadsworth (2006).

  • Start times: Rooms to be booked 15 minutes prior to official start time to allow debrief at Waikato campus

  • Food to be provided by Suzie

  • Meetings will be taped with tape turned off if requested

  • Group to keep each other safe in their discussions by allowing balanced respectful participation of a courteous manner

  • Group to protect confidentiality of others apart from Suzie as principal investigator some members have already informed others of their participation

  • Group decided that Suzie may stop discussion if non balanced or discourteous participation appears to be occurring

  • Cell phones may be left on silent setting. If any member of the group needs to leave on ring that member must inform the group pre meeting

  • Humour is permitted

  • Meetings need to be approximately an hour

  • Summary of meetings to be in bullet points and circulated pre next meeting electronically through internal WDHB email with agenda Suzie to type

Figure 1: Ground rules agreed on by clinical nurse leaders in action research group

4.9. Summary

This chapter has outlined the methods and processes used to conduct this research project including how data was generated and analysed. The recruitment and selection of the seven


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