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The nurses are just brilliant population of people the way they flex and float and we do gripe and grumble but on the whole you know we really do put 100% into our jobs and I know no-one walks off my ward not feeling like they’ve done a full days work so its really humbling.

Another said:

the good things about my job is actually working with a great team of nurses being able to tap into this wealth of knowledge and just I find it’s absolutely mind-blowing to be involved with intelligent people that are committed to making a difference and find that absolutely wonderful. Is it specific to a CNL role? Probably not. It’s just nursing. That’s the kind of people we are.

This privilege accorded to the role is not only derived from the nurses but also the patients and, in one case, the wider community. One CNL spoke of the trust that patients have accorded her in the role and said;

and some of the things I’ve been told and the trust that they [patients] give me,

it’s fantastic. What an honour to be told some of these stories that people tell me. That’s amazing trust.

One CNL talked of walking in all worlds:

I just think I’m very lucky to have this job that I’m in because I’m Maniapoto Ngati Maniapoto and I’m very privileged to be able to come back. I feel I’m in a privileged position … I am able to walk in all worlds. My greatest pleasure one day I was in the Emergency Department this young boy came in and I knew him really well and he goes ‘Oh you are a nurse. Do you work here? I thought you just worked in all the kitchens the pa kitchens’ and I just laughed and thought that was the biggest compliment I could ever have, it’s lovely.


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