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The first meeting closed following an explanation and short discussion from the group about action research as a process and information from me about the early typing of the interviews. I relayed that, during my typing of interviews, I had noticed how the CNLs talked of how the role was challenging and enjoyable, very busy, and conflicting at times between the managerial and leadership components of the role.

Immediately following the meeting, I reflected on the privileged position the group had given me in being able to halt the discussion of the group. This reminded me of Wadsworth’s (2001) inclusion of the words of Lao Tzu particularly relating to “stewardship without control” (p. 322).


Meeting 2 January 2006: Presentation of 24 Themes

I presented the 24 themes or constructs derived from the thematic analysis to the group as listed in the order presented in Figure 4. The group was quiet as I read out the themes. I spent some time talking, facilitating and explaining how I thematically analysed the interview data to reach these themes. While I was doing this, I was aware that this meeting was also still about the group becoming established. Equal participation needed to be attended to; a responsibility for me as facilitator to discharge. Equivalent levels of contribution became more evident as the group set about deciding what to do about these themes that had been derived from Phase One.

Group consideration of this standalone representation of the elements associated with the role of CNL is evidenced by the lengthy discussion represented as in the following quotations from meeting two. The group were clarifying their level of participation and ownership of this analysis by asking me what I wanted. Following discussion of both my motive for the research and how to manage the themes, I chose to reiterate that the data from Phase One should be discussed and reflected on by the group. In essence, we were becoming an action research group and this needed to occur so that ownership could shift from myself to the group with us all as co-researchers. As you will read, the group finally agreed to preserve all themes at this point. The comments from both myself (named) and the participants are in italics and, unless stated, are from different participants.


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