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thoughts on the method. One stated “I don’t understand it, it is too nebulous not structured” and another just shared that it was the research generally that she was struggling with. Others listened, neither agreeing nor disagreeing, appearing content to say nothing. The discussion continued and at this point one of these participants presented their interpretation of why some of the other participants struggled. She said “and that’s because your roles, our roles are structured. Every day has to be planned out as well as dealing

with all those interruptions”. The implication was that the participants were well used to imposed structure and when there appeared to be no pre-defined direction this, for some of them, was out of the ordinary. Coghlan and Brannick (2005) talk of the importance of the quality of the action researcher and member’s relationship being built on trust and concern for each other. This trust Reason and Bradbury (2001) view as vital, allowing the participants the capacity to convey their views candidly to the entire group without worry. Although this was only meeting two, I reflected at this point that the group were achieving candid constructive dialogue.

Meeting two drew to a close with the decision made to initially focus on the first three themes of varied/adaptable, gender pivotal/influential. The group decided to individually consider these in the following weeks to determine to what extent they were reflective of what each of them did in their work as a CNL on a daily basis. This individual determination would then be reported back from their notes or observations to the group at our next meeting.

The following is an excerpt from my journal written at this point, related to the challenge of myself as the insider, outsider, researcher and group participant:

Lot of me in this meeting all my talking at the beginning.... group were very quiet when I read out the themes the room much better action research methodology again discussed….fine … group responding to my what do you want to do now unsure process for them we are all used to deadlines, directives, can understand how they feelSettling.


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