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Meeting Three (February 2006): Reduction of Focus

Meeting three started with attending to the first three of the 24 themes. This intention had been agreed by the group at the previous meeting. These three themes were entitled varied/adaptable, gender, pivotal/influential relating to the role of CNL. The intention had been that all of the participants would consider whether these three were reasonable constructs to include when defining their role. This consideration would be undertaken formally or informally whilst they carried out their daily practice. The participants had decided at the previous meeting to retain all 24 as a representation of “the hugeness of the role and the complexity”. Each separate direct quotation (italicised) is attributable to one person at a time unless stated otherwise. I remain the only member of the group identifiable.

The meeting commenced with discussion around the role being varied and the Clinical Nurse Leader needing to be adaptable. There was general agreement that a Clinical Nurse Leader needed to respond to multiple demands. Four participants spoke in detail of this. One described, how after the last meeting, she had written down the jobs she had done on one particular day. Her description read:

I had budgeting, rostering, supervising, monitoring of staff, patient advocacy,

consumer relations that were with the family and the patient plus the surgeon. I had compliance, quality and risk, continuous quality improvement by looking at

different things so these were just the things in one day that I had to cope with. So it was getting, giving and processing really I remember that I had read that

somewhere and that was what it was getting, giving and processing information

and that was what my day was all about. It was all just before morning tea.

Another agreed the role was varied but saw it more as the Clinical Nurse Leader having the ability to problem solve, adding:

There is certainly variation in our daily role I could add to that … mine has been totally problem solving today from quarter to seven this morning until we got it resolved at like about 1100. So you add that on to all the things first


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