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Heron and Reason (2006) suggest action research activity consists of convergence, divergence, chaos and order. Meeting three saw divergence away from the discussion on the first three themes and convergence instead on how it was to be a Clinical Nurse Leader. This convergence, divergence and chaotic movement resulted in the group satisfied that it had actually explored many more than the original three themes. The fluid movement of the discussion started as one participant said:

You’re expected to nurse. You are the Clinical Nurse Leader you help nurse the patient you help lead the staff. You’re that communications point for all the team…but people keep coming to you and feeding that information and to get anything done you need to learn about ….[You’re a] kind of jack of all trades when you want to be a master.

The group then talked of not being allowed to have a bad day when in the role, of not being allowed to show the stress or frustration and as one said “we put on this bland face all the time with a smile painted on your face”. At this point I chose to facilitate the discussion back to the last of the three themes, pivotal/influential. The dialogue that occurred at this point is presented next.

Suzie: “The CNL role is pivotal and influential and you have to absorb all the stress?”

Participant: “Yeah superwomen supermen. We need to be on top of everything be able to run a cardiac arrest without even starting to break a sweat. Things go wrong you can just cruise in and fix it like magic and that’s the expectation sometimes”.

Suzie: “Is it the expectation or is it your own expectation?”


“I mean I can go from an arrest situation, review the death

certificate [as] the person is going off the ward, and I am called into a family

meeting to deal with the next one



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