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The group persevered with the converging to and diverging away from the logical order of discussing the themes, so I decided to establish whether there was group consensus on the relevance of the first three themes to the exploration of the role of CNL. I also wanted to see how the group wished to progress. I asked “OK good people it’s getting hot and it’s getting late what about the rest of [the themes]”?

Following on from this question, ways to look at the remaining 21 themes were explored. A suggestion by one participant to systematically examine the next four themes in order of recital was made, but was challenged as not being the best way to proceed by another and then subsequently rejected by the group. There was then an attempt to reject the theme relating to professional support but again a counter response from a participant saw it retained. It was at this point that a participant sought my opinion on the progress, asking “Do you think maybe we’ve have covered some of them in today’s discussion?” This participant then proceeded to present a case for the group having already covered several more of the themes.

She noted that “we’ve talked about communication and we’ve talked about some professional relationship maybe on a slightly smaller scale …. talked about professional support”. When she was questioned by another participant about whether the group had actually discussed such matters, the original participant responded: “You weren’t here at the time sorry”.

One participant then suggested that the group “just randomly choose another four [themes]”. No response was made to this suggestion, however, the group did agree that communication would be a constant in all of the themes. At this point, there was evidence of an early devotion to the theme of conflict between the leadership and management expectations in the CNL role. A suggestion was made to explore the conflict between leadership and management and participants commented. One shared how they had “been looking at a job in another place and the thing is they don’t have to do appraisals …. and I thought aren’t they a burden”. Another participant agreed. The subject of budget as a management component of the role was raised also. This meeting, inclusive of all the


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