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divergence, convergence and chaos as Reason (2006) describes, finally came to a conclusion as follows:

Participant: “What about professional support? Did we talk about that?”

Participant: Briefly at the beginning we said that when you go into a job you go into the job because you think that you can do it and you might have some skills but you go in with the hope you going to actually get that support from other more experienced people and you don’t often get it.

Suzie: “So am I hearing do you want as a group to pick up conflict and professional support?”

All agreed. Koch and Kralik (2006) talk of responsibilities of researchers in participatory action research and include the attendance of the researcher to the dynamics of the group, observing and checking power relations within the group to create a safe environment where relationships can prosper.

My journal entry following meeting three shows that I sensed a change of ownership:

Less of me …. thankfully …. still asked some questions …. wonder about my influence by doing that …. group responded quicker and with more certainty to the what do you want to do. [I was] surprised and pleased that they wanted to focus on the conflict leadership/management and professional support [themes]

  • . pleased that as a group they were decisive at deciding that these were the

two themes they wanted to keep … going.

6.5. Summary

This chapter accounts for the first three of nine action research meetings analysing the Phase One data. Phase One data was derived from seven individual interviews that culminated in 24 themes relating to the CNL role. These themes were presented to the group for consideration and analysis. In addition to the presentation of these themes, this


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