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Meetings Four and Five: Management versus leadership

Meeting Four

Meeting four was held in March 2006. I began the discussion by revisiting the individual interview transcripts surrounding conflict between the leadership management expectations of the role. At the time of thematic analysis of the transcripts I had a sense this conflict created tension for those in the role. A substantial time was spent in this meeting analysing this tension, with the majority of the group not viewing undertaking budget activities as a priority within the role. Park (2006) talked of dialogue being central to the objectives of participatory research such as action research and that there is a need for the creation of what he terms a “social space” (p. 84) whereby participants can craft common meanings and build deliberate actions. The dialogue attached to the consideration of the leadership management aspects of the role like the budget occupied most of this meeting as the group moved to agree on what relevance this expectation may have to the role of CNL. The group agreed it was not a priority for the CNL but some felt there was little the group could do to remove it from their organisational position description.

At the outset to the discussion about the budget accountabilities there was general agreement that the position description did not reflect what actually occurred. One participant raised questions concerning the Clinical Nurse Leader’s level of responsibility over the actual budget.

Around budget I actually question do we really have responsibility for a budget because we don’t have any input into setting the budget except we have input into capital what we would like in capital expenditure …. and that’s neat that we have that and then somebody higher says yay or nay.

Another participant, in agreeing that there were responsibility issues related to budgeting, commented that although the Clinical Nurse Leader’s position description states that the role involved managing a cost centre, her experience was that this was not a reality. She implied the role did not have great deal of control over the cost centre of their work area.


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