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Figure 6, entitled “The Race”. The Race was my reflection and interpretation at this point and does differ significantly from the interpretation and language used up till now in the thesis. It articulates that the focus of the research, at this point, was the expression by some

I want you to imagine you are about to start a long distance race not an ordinary race or a race that you have ever experienced. It doesn’t have legs or laps or even a defined route as you know it. One thing you are certain of is that you would like to start. You start slowly but you soon realize that you will have to speed up to complete before it either gets too cold or too dark to function. So you run faster but then you have a weight thrown at you and others call to you that they want to join in the running but they don’t know enough about the race or the route so you stop and explain to them and they thank you but leave their pack for you to carry. So you start running slowly again as the pack is quite heavy. Still more call for your attention and you feel as if you have stood on the spot. They are race officials and urge you to finish as there are others waiting to use the track and they admonish you for not following the rules of the race. You have not left enough room for others to race and even start to question you as to where the rest of your team is.

You become confused and you enquire as to what the rules are but they disappear too quickly to explain those but did tell you that you race well and you may want to become an official by learning how to complete this race. Another official beckons to you and you cease moving again. They enquire why are you racing that way and that your team did not complete the race that took place yesterday correctly and what were you going to do about that. You promise when you finish this race you will teach them new techniques and the official thanks you politely and disappears. Your pack slips but still more runners call to you and again you stop to help and agonise that if you have to do this all day the darkness and the cold will defeat you. You know clearly though that is not a choice as you are expected to complete this race. You are paid handsomely to run.

Time keepers call out your lap times but you are bewildered, as you haven’t completed a lap or even a straight line. The route twists and more people stop you, thanking you profusely, lovely kind words, but they also leave your more packs to carry. You don’t mind and you want to spend more time with these people and ponder briefly if you could stop altogether. Suddenly there is a hill ahead made of sand and you know you have to climb it somehow very soon. Other runners draw alongside you and seem to be able to chat to you whilst they race then they wave and turn off or so it appears. Still you smile and people standing beside the route and at the bottom of the hill some of whom are your team, applaud you and give you drinks and sun block. Runners behind you call your name and thank you for showing then how they should run this race. You start to climb, your feet sink deeper at each step as you have now about four packs to drag up the hill.

It happens that you do get there, to the handshaking and the congratulations. You smile in acknowledgement. Thankfully you can at least sit down now. You sit at the top of this hill and really want to sleep. Instead you turn to sees others, sitting too just like you and resting against their pack. You know they have raced too and you are comforted greatly by their presence even though none of you can talk. I wonder if they have had any training you think? How do they keep fit? You relax and you know you have done well as you rest against the same amount of packs as the others. Strangely and wondrously you look forward to racing on another day.

Figure 6: The race


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