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of the group of the inability to influence their practice as a Clinical Nurse Leader both present and future. We were “in the thick of it” so to speak, illuminating the reality for some of the practice of CNL in a New Zealand setting.

Meeting Five April 2006

In meeting five the group continued to examine the conflict between the clinical leadership accountabilities and the management accountabilities such as the budget. The continued emphasis on this conflict uncovered the frustration some of the participants felt when not being able to totally concentrate on clinical care. There were moments of divergence away from what was being discussed to convergence and moments of clarity. There was frustration expressed that the leadership and management elements within the role often could not be accomplished effectively or efficiently.

Meeting five commenced with one participant expressing her frustration at the dual aspects of the role, that of leadership and management. She said:

I guess for me it’s always been a bit of a bone of contention about the conflict in the role because one is clearly about being efficient and one is clearly about being effective within that there is this huge conflict every single day and I guess we all have a bent sometimes towards one or the other. Or one takes over because of the external pressures …. the priorities for me quite often every day are wrong for me personally because my focus is not always about professional leadership. …You come in the morning and you try and make sure you’ve got the right number of staff, for the right sort of patients

y o u r e l o o k i n g a f t e r , o v e r a n d a b o v e t h a t i t s l i k e h o w m a n y b e d s h a v e y o u

got?, where are your patients going?, what about this?, what about that?. We

haven’t got enough products, [there’s] broken machinery. ...That isn’t what

I’d really like to do in a day. …It would [be] really nice as a senior professional leader to come and say right, I’ve got that, but I haven’t got the

right skill mix today. So let’s see what you can do about that but you actually


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