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Programming Program Development A Source Code Control System is a part of the program development environment. Developement in workgroups is utilized by source code reservation and distribution. A ChangeLog is saved together with the library or program, giving the user full control of development changes.

Programming Methods A common control language is used across all components of the system. The language is tailored to the need of advanced process control. A program is built of many objects, in a hierachical structure, each object corresponds to a real-world object or function.

Objects may contain graphics (for visual representation), operator dialogues and code for control and calculations.

A programmer builds an object as a module whose type may be stored in libraries. Such library modules may be reused throughout the application. A library of module types may easily be used in future applications.

The behaviour of a module is defined by equation blocks and sequential flow charts. A module may also contain instances of other modules. The modules interact with their surroundings by parameters connected to local variables. Conditional evaluation of equations may be performed using IF.. statements or by sequential flow charts.


Openness Several software gateways are available to provide communication to the Windows environment. The ODBC- MMS gateway can be used to store data directly from a controller or workstation into a database. OLE-MMS gateways is used for transferring data from SattLine by use of Microsoft OLE links.

Documentation The system provides a wide range of tools to make program documentation. Objects can be documented, either the object definition itself, or within its context. I/O list are easy to generate.

Documentation can also be generated through an Access database, giving very flexible and useful documentation.

External Windows programs can be activated from the workstation by the use of the SystemCommand feature.

Manuals online All SattLine manuals and data sheets are, besides the printed ones, available online for reading in PDF format.

Programming methods

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