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Program Templates Start package Templates with a start-up environment including modules for process objects, alarms, events and trend curves. The Start Package gives the structure and the basics for construction of applications.

Standard Library Software

  • Basic Libraries includes standard icons, buttons and panels.

  • I/O Library includes modules for configuration of control systems and I/O’s, both local and remote. The library also contains modules for the configuration of other types of I/O,

    • e.

      g. SattTop I/O and Altop I/O.

  • Function Libraries includes Function modules (e.g. PID controllers with autotuner, control loop templates), modules for data acquisition, event and alarm handling, VT100 terminal handling, valve feedback control (ACOF) and time control (TCC).

  • Communication Libraries includes modules for application controlled communication e.g. COMLI, SattBus, Siemens 3964R (Master)*, and MMS. The library also contains modules to be used for writing application specific protocols, e.g barcode readers or scales.

  • *

    Requires an additional license

Control System Overview

Optional Library Software*

  • Batch Library* includes modules for batch handling with ISA S88.01-1995 based batch control.

  • SQL Library* includes modules for database communication, using ODBC.

  • Fuzzy Controller Library* includes fuzzy logic controller.

Additional Utility Software*

  • OLE MMS Gateway*.

  • ODBC MMS Gateway*.

  • OPC SattLine Server for data access

(OPC = OLE for Process Control)*.


Workstations The SattLine workstations are available at three different levels: Mini, midi and maxi. These can be used for programming, maintenance, controlling and management.

For programming only, a programming/development license is available. The SattLine viewer license can be used at the office for temporary process control.

The level of access is restricted by personal passwords. The workstations are based on standard hardware (PC), using Windows 2000 Professional as operating system. Other Windows functions can be restricted in order to enable a safe environment for the user.

Series 200 Central system


Power supply

Alert I/O

Series 200 Central I/O

Control System The control system consists of a central system including CPU and communication modules. Connected to the central system is a remote or centralized I/O.

A wide range of compatible CPU’s are available.

For technical data information and order codes on the various control systems, see separate data sheets for the Series 200.

Redundancy SattLine supports a redundant MMS network, on the workstations and in the controllers.

The workstations can be setup for redundant use. All workstations within the plant might have the same SattLine programs loaded, hence giving all stations access to all parts of the process.

Communication The workstations and control systems communicate on a standard Ethernet network using the MMS protocol. Standard Ethernet cables are used, e.g. fibre and coax. For dialled connections, Windows 2000 Professional Dial-up connections or SattLink can be used.

For distributed I/O, the fieldbus ControlNet is used.

For external communication various protocols available, see table on last page.

Remote rack- based I/O

Series 200 Remote I/O

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