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      The Flexible Working Employment law enables parents with a child under 16 or a disabled child under 18 or carers of adults to make a request for flexible working, and places a duty on employers to consider such request seriously and only reject them for good business reasons.

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      This Flexible Working Policy is designed primarily to assist staff with caring responsibilities to balance their caring responsibilities with their work life. Whilst this Policy is open to all staff who may wish to request flexible working for any reason, the right under employment law to request this and the obligations on the organisation to respond within set times etc., apply only to parents or guardians of children under sixteen or under 18 if the child is disabled and to carers of adults.

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      It is written in line with the Employment Act 2002 and should be read in conjunction with the following policies.

      • Family and Domestic Leave Policy

      • Part-Time Workers Policy

      • Parental Leave Policy

      • Adoptive Leave Policy

      • Flexi time working policy

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      The organisation is committed to supporting all staff who have responsibilities outside work or who wish to work flexibly for any reason. There are already in existence policies to facilitate emergency domestic and family leave. Additionally, all parents of children under five (or 18 if disabled) have the right to take up to 13 weeks unpaid leave to care for their children.

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      This Policy is aimed at extending to all staff the right to request a change to their terms and conditions of employment in relation to:

      • the hours they work

      • the times when they are required to work

      • the place at which they are required to work (as between home and place of business)

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      This Policy is available to all directly employed staff who have completed 26 weeks service, however particular preference will be given to requests from staff who have responsibility for the upbringing of children aged under sixteen or under 18 if the child is disabled as outlined in the Employment Act 2002 i.e. the right to request flexible working under this Act extends not only to parents, but also to a child’s guardian, foster carer or a person married to, or partner of the child’s parent, guardian or foster carer (including same sex partners) AND to staff who are carers of an adult as outlined in The Work and Families Act 2006.


All staff have the right to request flexible working and to an explanation if their request is declined.

Flexible Working and Flexi-Time Policy Version 2

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January 2011

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